Jewelry Care

✨Some of our items are gold filled and/or gold plated with a base metal of sterling silver, and should be cared for carefully to maintain the beauty and finish on the item as long as possible. Keep in mind that any gold plated parts of our jewelry are more delicate than their gold filled counter parts and a little extra TLC will ensure to maximize their lifespan.

Keep in mind that due to the personal pH levels of an individual’s skin, jewelry may tarnish more quickly for some than for others. This is out of our control..



Avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions by wearing your pieces after both have been applied and dried. The chemicals in both may react with metal/plated jewelry and may cause it to tarnish.

✨Each person has a different skin type meaning that acidity levels within skin will deteriorate plated jewelry in more severe or gentler ways depending on the person. 

✨Other common substances such as chlorine and sweat can also react with metal/plated jewelry making it best to avoid vigorous exercise and swimming while your jewelry is on. 

✨Clean your jewelry regularly with a soft jewelry cloth (not a polishing cloth). 

✨If your jewelry needs a nice deep cleaning, you may gently clean it with a soft cloth in warm, soapy water. Soak for a few minutes and thoroughly dry with a soft cloth.

✨ In order to avoid scratches, store your jewelry in a soft cloth after cleaning or neatly store in a your LB jewelry pouch or box.

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