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    Declare Your Most Precious Souls...

    Wrapped around your neck + always close to your heart♥︎

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      So Much Love...

      In one small letter♥︎

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        On that very special day...

        Symbolize it with a gem for your's or a loved one's birthday♥︎

        Behind the Brand

        Behind the Brand

        Legacy Blvd is a handmade jewelry line curated with dainty, meaningful pieces comprised of long-lasting materials and a timeless connection.

        Each piece is custom designed and tells a story...

        My name is Alecia, and I am the owner of Legacy Blvd. I found inspiration for this collection when my mom passed away from cancer when I was only 22 years old. The most cherished belonging I have in remembrance of my mom is a custom necklace given to me and my sister before her battle was lost. This necklace will forever be a tangible symbol of my mom.  A connection that can be felt with every touch or glance in the mirror.

        Jewelry can be used as an expression of; love, gratitude, friendship, empowerment, and positivity.  My hope is that Legacy Blvd Jewelry brings to life and showcases these intentions.

        I love helping you design your unique piece.  Customer support is of the highest value for me,and it’s so special when I get to connect to you and your story.